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Welcome West: The French-speaking Concierge and Travel Assistance, which is revolutionizing the market in North America.

In a fewwords...

Founded by Thomas Vanderhaeghen, Belgian, who obtained dual nationality, Welcome West first took the form of a blog devoted to the American West, and started in San Francisco in 2015.

In 2019, shortly before the arrival of a global pandemic, Assistance & Welcome West Concierge is born in Redondo Beach, in the suburbs of Los Angeles.  The company quickly established itself thanks to a unique approach and pricing accessible to all.

The evolution of thebirth to growth

April 2015

July 2019

January 2020

August 2021



Launch of the Welcome West blog in San Francisco.

Creation of the Welcome West company, and launch of the "Assistance & Travel Concierge" services in Los Angeles. The service is dedicated to travellers, and subscription is done online.

Launch of the personalized welcome in Los Angeles.

Welcome West settles in Florida, in the Clearwater area, and becomes Welcome West LLC. 
Launch of baggage transport in the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Miami, Orlando

Launch of Welcome West B2B, for tourism professionals. New image, new logo.

Welcome West becomes the first travel concierge in the USA, recommended by a travel guide. Welcome West expands its services in Canada.

Launch of a year-round assistance offer for French-speaking students studying in North America. 

Launch of PRIME by WELCOME WEST, the Premium version of the Conciergerie. 

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