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We will take the stress out of luggage with just one click!

For only $8.50 per person: 

Your luggage (outward and return) is immediately traced if it is missing and we guarantee its return to the nearest airport within 4 days at the latest. we followns the delivery of your luggage to you.

If your baggage is not found within 4 days, we will pay you the sum of $1,000 per missing piece of baggage. (see conditions). 

This optional service is not available without a reservation of one of the Welcome West services. 

You can opt for this option during the booking process for the Welcome West service of your choice. 

Payment for this option will be billed to you separately. A separate Welcome West invoice with a payment access link will be sent to you by email no later than 48 hours after booking.

The amount of this invoice will be calculated on the basis of the number of people entered. To this amount will be added 4% covering transaction costs (ex: 4 people x $8.50 = $34 + 4% = $35.36)   

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