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Welcome West LLC (WWE) (ID: L22000078312) is a company established in the United States offering services for individuals and tourism professionals. 

The services offered by WWE are as follows:

- Assistance and Concierge in the United States and Canada

- Welcoming tourists in French in certain cities in the United States

- WWE is an Official BSP Auto Agent (car rental) throughout the USA (exclusively for WWE customers)


Assistance & Concierge Welcome West  

Geographic coverage: USA and Canada

Coverage hours: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. (reduced hours in Hawaii and Alaska)  

No usage limit 

Concierge Welcome West: 

  • Confirmations:  accommodation, transfers, activities, restaurants,... 

  • Last minute reservations (during the stay): Restaurants, concerts, sporting events, activities, accommodation, vehicles,...

  • Recommendations, specific researches (restaurant, activity, concert, transport, baby sitting...)

  • The concierge service is accessible fromarrival in North America (USA and Canada), until the last day on site. 

No payment will be advanced by WWE. Reservations made by WWE for the customer, which require immediate, partial or total payment, must be paid to Welcome West via a unique secure link sent to the customer. The reservation will then be made with the provider by WWE.

Welcome West Support:

  • Delayed, canceled flights: Help with reprotection 

  • Domestic flights, missed return flights: Help with booking/reprotection

  • Baggage and/or personal effects, lost, forgotten, stolen documents: Repossession assistance, contact with the consulate or embassy when necessary.  

  • Vehicle rental: Errors, additional insurance billing, modifications, live assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown.

  • Accommodation: Errors, cancellations, errors on the reservation voucher, late check-in, relocation.

  • Covid: Help on all questions or problems related to Covid.

  • Live translation service 

  • Assistance and modifications due to local climatic conditions.

  • Welcome Message Opt-In/Opt-Out: Call or message upon arrival in the United States.


Assistance is available upon arrival in North America (USA and Canada), until the last day on site. (exceptionally  follow-up of files deemed essential after return). 

Assistance and concierge services are 100% contactless services via WhatsApp, telephone (free or local) and email.

100% of the service is managed from the United States.  

Welcoming tourists in Frenchin some cities in the United States

French greeting is only available in the cities specified on our services page. It does not include any transport or reception at the airport terminal. The reception can be done either at the reservation center of your rental vehicle, or around your hotel or accommodation when you arrive.

For a welcome at the reservation center, we accompany you to take possession of the vehicle. We help you if necessary with the signing and payment of your vehicle, in terms of translation for example. We also go with you to pick up the vehicle to familiarize you with your new vehicle.

For a welcome around your accommodation, we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your stay (various rules, questions about the city, road signs, driving in the USA, etc.).    


Any Welcome West service reservation canceled up to 7 days before the date of arrival in the United States will be 100% refundable upon simple request to Any Welcome West reservation canceled less than 7 days before the date of arrival on American soil cannot be refunded. 

Lost Baggage Service (Lost Baggage Tracking and Guarantee) 

This feature named Lost Baggage Service is operated by Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB). Applied only to checked baggage (maximum 2 bags per person) on the outward and return journey. If your bag does not arrive at your destination with you and is not located within 96 hours, you will receive $1,000 (per lost bag) subject to meeting the conditions described below.

After reporting your missing baggage to the airline, you must also report your missing baggage to Welcome West no later than 12 hours (to notify of misplaced baggage, call, text or email Welcome West West at BRB will follow up and attempt to expedite the return of your missing baggage to you. Welcome West will keep you informed of developments. Lost Baggage Service is an independent service and works alongside any travel insurance you may have.

Welcome West LLC can in no way be held responsible for any malfunction of the baggage tracking and guarantee service. In the event of compensation, WWE, which will act as the customer's intermediary, will receive payment from BRB and will refund the sum of $1,000 per piece of luggage lost to the customer. 

Cancellation Lost Baggage Service: 

The Lost Baggage service is neither refundable nor transferable. In the event of a canceled or modified flight, and unless the new flight is resumed under the same customer confirmation number, a new order for the Lost Baggage service must be made  by the customer for benservice.

Satisfied or Refunded 

All Welcome West intervention requests are classified and saved, in order to be able to come back to them if necessary. 

If our Assistance and/or our Concierge Service did not meet your expectations, and we find that we have not fulfilled our part of the contract when a request is made, we undertake to reimburse you the amount of your package, after verification of your file.

Reimbursement can only be claimed when there has been a request for intervention. If no service was used during the stay, reimbursement cannot be requested under any circumstances. All refund requests must be sent by email to  

Car rental anywhere in the USA

The car rental service is exclusively reserved for Welcome customers West. WWE benefits from negotiated rates at BSP Auto. The rental contract is a BSP Auto contract (which will be in French), payment will be made to WWE approximately 20 days before the date of picking up the vehicle. If the date is less than 20 days away, payment will be due immediately to WWE. Rental offers include the largest rental companies present in the USA. The service is available everywhere in the USA, either during the stay, in the case of a need for a car following an unforeseen event for example, or before the stay, provided that the subscription to a WWE package is confirmed. Customer service is provided in French through WWE as customer support. WWE will be the intermediary between the lessor and the customer. All vehicle rental inquiries or questions can be made by email to

Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the pick-up date. 



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